we use natures best PRODUCTS witH You In Mind

Serving the area for over 20 years.


Our Products Are The Best

First, and we believe to  be most important is what we use to clean your home.

Melaleuca- Melaleuca is a "Wellness Company".

The word Melaleuca means "Australian Shrub that spikes flowers". The Melaleuca plant is where you get  Tea Tree Oil, and that is  exactly what Melaleuca puts in their cleaning supplies! Our products are non-toxic, green and extremely safe for children and fur babies. You can't ask for better products in your home.

Couple that with a company that believes in integrity and consistency and you have  a cleaning service that you can depend on to keeps things "just right". 

You can choose which product you would prefer for your "wood floors". We offer Bona and Method. Both work great, it is just your preference.

Each staff member is extensively trained on the company way of cleaning. We have an extensive check list for each home and we will  leave that checked list with you each time we come. It's a great way to keep us accountable and to ensure that we don't miss anything.