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Naturally Clean is a "one stop" company. We not only clean  your home but can help to get your home organized & set the stage for home showings!

Kimberley King


Residential Cleaning

Organizing & Staging

Our company uses Melaleuca products  which are all natural and completely non toxic. Melaleuca means "An Australian Shrub that bears spikes of flowers that are a source of medicinal oil. That oil is Tea Tree Oil and that is what is in all of our cleaning products.

  We offer  weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanings. We also offer "as  you need it" cleanings. As a customer you can choose to contact us as you need us and either purchase a block of time and we will do as much as we can in that block of time, you just need to give us a list from most important to least important.


We can do a full cleaning and that will be charged at our initial clean rate per hour. 

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Realtors & Landlords

Naturally Clean loves to save the day!

Landlords: If you're bringing in a new renter and quickly need your property cleaned up we can come in and take care of it for you. 

Realtors:  If a client is selling their home Naturally Clean can get it up to a Showing Level. We can also MAINTAIN  the property until it sells.

Once sold we can do the "final clean out"


Basic cleaning of kitchen, bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping floors.


This cleaning is more extensive. We add the inside of cabinets, refrigerator, stove. This is very extensive & all the new home owners need to do is put their belongings away!

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One Stop Company

Cleaning, Organizing & Staging

Detailed Cleaning- Our trained staff will do an exceptional job with our all natural cleaning products by Melaleuca, we have a detailed cleaning list that we use and check off and leave with the client.

Organizing- Do you need some help getting your things in order or need an extra pair of eyes to help you decide what stays and what goes? We can help  you organize before we clean.

Staging- If your selling  your home its a good idea to set the stage for your future buyers. You want  your home to have a welcoming warm feel to it. We can help  you set the stage!

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About Us

Naturally Clean uses the finest in cleaning products for your home.

Melaleuca has been green for over 30 years and we take pride in the fact that everything we use is exceptional.

With our strong work ethic coupled with innovation and great products we leave a customers home sparkling.